Welcome to the Where Excuses Go to Die Scroll of Honor

The Excuses Bee

The following individuals and couples deserve serious thanks and recognition for their contribution to the Where Excuses Go to Die Kickstarter campaign. This project wouldn’t be where it is today without the early belief and backing of these good people:

Tina and Dean Athans

Heidi Bauer

Susie Bauer

Marilynn and Aaron Blair

Stephanie Blume

Rob and Hilary Mays Bolger

Carrie and Tony Calderone

Joyce and Jerry Chaffee

Sally and John Conner

Heidi Coughran

Louis D’Esposito

Tim and Vicki Davis

Alicia del Mundo

Argie Demas

Nathaniel Devereux-Schellin

David Dickinson

Joann Estoesta

Brian and Heidi Evans

Brian Frankel

Michael James Gerardo

Donya Giannotta

Howard and Linda Glick

Phil Gofberg

Karen Graci

Mary Grossberg

Marlen Gumny

Elise Guthmann

Dan Jacinto

Adam and Priscilla Espinosa Kaiserman

Ronel Quinn Kelmen

Jill Kleinman

Anita Lawson

Margie and John Levy

Christopher Lewis

Melissa Lockhart Fortner

Jennie Marie Mahalick

Bob and Genie Martin

Angela Mattioli

Michael and Susan Mays

Bruce and Elizabeth McAllister

Michael McMahan

Tom Metry

Fred and Alice Metry

Joanne Metry

Chuck Miller

Dee Mondeschein

Donna and Said Muawad

Nelisse Muga

Michael and Rebecca Nelson

Guy Nelson

Roger and Margaret Nelson

Joe Nemit

Stephanie Ogren

Samantha Perry

Savilla Pitt

Dennis Przywara

Tasia Regos

Naomi and Joel Richman

Constance Roberts

Janie Robinson

Darran and Jennifer Robinson

Siri Rosen

Michael Rousselet

Emily Simon

Justin Stanley

Dana Stewart

Helen Stringer

Steve Svastics

Jack Thomas

Erin Tyner Egloff

Kirk Vandersall

Serena Zamora

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