“Not Dead Enough”

News reports covering the arrest of pervert-teacher #1 prompted alleged victims of Miramonte Elementary pervert-teacher #2 to come forward. We’re gonna need a bigger shark tank. 

Here’s another math problem:

Carmen needs to earn enough money to buy a “Not Dead Enough” edition A-6 survival knife to protect herself from pervert-teachers. The knife costs $42.99 + $7.00 for shipping.  She has $18.52. How much money does Carmen need to charge her fellow students for protection to pay off a loan for the A-6?

But seriously folks…

Regardless of whether or not cops and school administrators take low income and immigrant families seriously – highly debatable in communities where Spanish is predominantly spoken – it was media-driven public awareness that caused the arrest of Mr. Martin Springer, Miramonte pervert-teacher #2, suspected of fondling two little girls. Read more