Could CNN Kill Us All?

WaPo Columnist Gerson Scores Laser-guided Bullseye with Comments on would-be Qur’an Burner’s Canonization by Corporate-owned, Internet-dreading Journalists. But first: GIANT SCHMUCKS ARE PLANNING A MEGA-BUDGET, FEATURE-LENGTH VERSION OF THE FALL GUY!

Ok, wait: I urge you to read Michael Gerson’s column, but in case you’re too busy or drunk, here are select quotes you can use the next time some fool in-law starts blathering about who should burn which King James edition of the Qur’an or where in Dubai Afghan President Hamid Karzai spends his U.S. taxpayer dollars. Read more

Qur’an Burning and You

If you’re angry or disturbed over those myopic cabbage heads in Florida who plan to burn a Qur’an or two (hundred), maybe your counterpart exists in a country where our flag is burned.

Original story: | September 9th, 2010

Seriously, isn’t it possible that your kindred spirit in Iran, Somalia, or Pakistan is shaking his or her head over news reports of fellow countrymen desecrating the Stars and Stripes? Read more