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The Guilt-ploitation of Celebrity Self-criticism

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

Lohan copies Garrison’s guilt trip, receives ovation for Tonight Show remorse

Original Story: The Hollywood Reporter

Well, we could’a set our watches by this one, but who sets watches anymore?

For what’s being called a “surprise” appearance on the Tonight Show, Team Lohan scrambled and cat-clawed to get the troubled media figure on the air somewhere, anywhere, to prime the pump for a coming Lohan Turn-around. (more…)

The Conceit of Guilt Trips

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Actor Lane Garrison begins promotion of NBC drama ‘The Event’ by getting that vehicular manslaughter stuff “absolutely, 100 percent” out of the way – on NBC.

Original story: CNN Entertainment

Lane Garrison served a 22-month sentence for manslaughter resulting from the death of a passenger riding in a vehicle driven by the intoxicated actor. (more…)

Confusing Idiocy with Accomplishment (and Privilege with Appeal)

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

Everyday examples of fame-for-stupidity send the message that kids and teens needn’t worry about genuine achievement.

I know a mom who makes her four-year-old twins dance and sing along to PlayStation SingStar every day, seven days a week.
She coaches and stands guard until their session is over; no one is allowed to leave or engage in another activity.Her latest husband is even worse, prodding the twins to explain why Willow Smith is their hero. Just glimpsing these kids being paraded around in wigs and heels is about all my brain can process without punching someone. (more…)