Ryan Dunn Agreed to All that Follows

When Jackass celebrity Ryan Dunn drove his Porsche at speeds above 132 mph, as a public figure he left himself and his actions open to the interpretations of others – millions of others: famous others, fringe others, and others in the news. Everybody. So while few are surprised that Dunn’s toxicology report confirms he was driving while
shit-faced, we should also take it as a given that celebrity man-children will throw their tantrums over comments made about Dunn’s accountability (or lack thereof). Read more

“But I Shot a Man in Reno…”

Go ahead and try to not watch this clip all the way to the end. I dare you.

If you were one of the millions of American kids who grew up playing some variation of “cops and robbers,” ten to one no one expected you to always want to be a cop. For a nation as likely to mythologize its anti-heroes as much as its heroes, no wonder both sides have their appeal.

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