X82Where Excuses Go to Die

By John Espinosa Nelson

Table of Contents

Credentials and Consequences

Genuine Mexican Parts

Finish this Sentence

The Freeway

Bring Me the Head of Elvis Presley (or, Just ‘Cause You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should)

Bus Therapy

Ernie’s Auto-Erotic Wallpaper *

My First Cellmate

Shot Down over the Cuckoo’s Nest

A Month with Mo

I Played Prison Football and Lived to Write This

Requiem for an Excuse

Three Hole Days

“You Got All the Answers, Don’t You?”

Don’t Stare at the Sun

Gun Tower Bookends

“Departmental Realignment”

You Can’t Beat the Folsom Channel

The Red Balloons

Straight Outta Christmas

Prison Shower Hazards (Download PDF)

“If We Can Keep a Severed Head Alive” (Download PDF)

Big Brother Has a Lazy Eye

Some of My Best Friends Are Jewish (Inmates)

Blood & Oatmeal


The Law of Averages

Lock Me in the Storeroom

Dismissed in the Interest of Justice

Get a Whiff of This

“Earliest Possible Release Date”


*(The Good Men Project – Featured Content 6/17/2013)