A Twitter Pill to Swallow

The social networking functionality of this blog is horrendous, I know, especially on the cusp of a book launch. But that’s about to change. The new whereexcusesgotodie.com will launch at the end of this month, incorporating everything from Feedburner to Facebook connectivity. And the publicist with whom we’re working recently informed me that my head-in-the-sand days are over. “It’s time to open that Twitter account you’ve been avoiding,” she stated.

She’s right, I know. My excuse has been that a person’s journey, abilities, and goals should matter more than following trends. Besides, whether published by a major or self-publishing, the whole experience feels like standing at the bottom of a freeway off ramp rattling a foam cup at cars: Twitter and the like will only exacerbate that.

But the real question is, do I want the public to decide the value of Where Excuses Go to Die (the book), or do I want to wind up bitter ’cause I was too good to play the game – or failed to do everything I could to tell the world what it has to offer?

Exactly. So the time has come to go multichannel and create a real Internet platform. It’s time Where Excuses Go to Die is kicked off of my hard drive and into people’s hands. No stone can be left un-thrown. Hoo-rah and so forth.

In the meantime, words related to the publishing and promotion Where Excuses Go to Die can be found on the WEGTD Facebook page. Its description reads: “Writing irreverently about a prison sentence and trying to get it published is, in itself, a story.” But why do you care? Well, as novelist Joe Konrath urges…

“One hand should always be reaching up for your next goal. The other should be reaching down to help others get where you’re at. We’re all in the same boat. Start passing out oars.”

In other words, I may be just one voice in this march on the old guard, and a new convert at that, but if you’re curious about the self-publishing revolution or about what you can do with your own writing, the WEGTD Facebook page is worth a Like. If there’s any value to be found there – be it a laugh at my expense or a helpful link –  that’s just me, handing out oars.