There’s No Excuse for Not Using Sony Cameras

Such picture quality! How can those contrasts be so precise? I’ve never seen bugged-out eyes so huge and clear. You can almost taste the crack resin on his breath from the burning chunk of Brillo-pad he used as a screen in his pipe — wow! I’m telling ‘ya there’s a reason Sony’s XDCAM 422 is the industry standard.

For extended nighttime high speed chases with freakish tongue wagging and multi-collision wrap-ups you just can’t beat Sony. Check out the difference between the lesser quality, undercarriage-mounted heli-cam and the handheld 422 on the ground. You know they’re not strappin’ Sony money to the skids on that bird, so no surprise the air footage is pixy and lame. But that all-up-in-your-sorry-grill XD422 captures details your dreams won’t forget.

The facial expression on the California Highway Patrol officer in the background says, “I don’t want to spend another Saturday at her mother’s house.” And why’s that so apparent? 50 megabits-per-second recording speeds, that’s why! And with the Fujinon lens on that baby those Badges can’t blink without us knowing the color of their boxer briefs.

When your scene’s awash in flashing reds and Kid Rock concert blues, shooting in anything but Sony hi-def is epic FAIL. And ask roving reporter Ed Laskos if you can shove any ol’ camera jockey into a gang of pumped up goons who’re stompin’ perps and cuffin’ crackheads. No way. You gotta send the best into harm’s way, and the best are shouldering Sonys. This allows Laskos to go live in prosthetic limb colored sport-coats and leave the spectral technicalities to his human battering ram – er, camera guy.

Finally, for local TV news producers “If it bleeds – it leads,” but when there are ultimately no fatalities suicides or flying body parts  –as was the case here–  the studio can rest assured it’ll be gettin’ its money’s worth after the footage goes viral.

“Ours is a culture and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures.” 
? Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing

Asked why he didn't stop, the man replied: "Stop? Why stop? Why stop when I'm an artist?"

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