There’s No Excuse for “Sombrero Pope”


That poor man!  You’d think Vatikan PR Shocktroops would’ve clubbed anyone coming near the guy with that thing, let alone allow it be placed on his head!  Unbelievable!

Also, considering this guy’s membership in an organization known for ethnic nationalism, one might agree that moments of cutesy pandering that involve the cultural kitsch of the countries where your recruiting drives bring you – is in bad taste.

Tim Hornyak/CNET

Last month they stuck an iPad in his lap and got him to paw at it a little with his cold, zombie claws, and now this! There’s no excuse for settin’ up that kindly ‘ol Nazi Whoremaster to look as if he has the dignity of an organ grinder chimp.

I’ll tell ‘ya, someone over there in Rome needs to be demoted or at least surrender a few bars of that Vatikan/Swiss Hitler Gold.

3 thoughts on “There’s No Excuse for “Sombrero Pope”

  1. Having been raised in the milquetoast world of the Presbyterian Church (think Lutheran, but not as jazzy), I used to cast an envious eye across the devotional “aisle” at the Catholics…what with all their rites and rituals, pomp and circumstance, crusades and kick ass football teams.
    Now, I regard “Sombrero Pope” and his minions with the same sort ambiguity (equal parts jaundice and amusement) that I use to comprehend that uncle I was told to respect as a child, but as an adult I realize is just an over-educated, lush of a racist. Quite frankly, I’m surprised and a little disappointed that they didn’t put the Infallible One in a Senor Frogs t-shirt.

  2. You obviously are just some pissed off, recovering Catholic. You should work on your attitude.

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