Ryan Dunn Agreed to All that Follows

When Jackass celebrity Ryan Dunn drove his Porsche at speeds above 132 mph, as a public figure he left himself and his actions open to the interpretations of others – millions of others: famous others, fringe others, and others in the news. Everybody. So while few are surprised that Dunn’s toxicology report confirms he was driving while
shit-faced, we should also take it as a given that celebrity man-children will throw their tantrums over comments made about Dunn’s accountability (or lack thereof).

Of course, it will still be little more than another boring tantrum thrown by a pampered crybaby, which happens every 14 seconds. Nothing said will change the single unfortunate and highly idiotic thing that will forever mar Ryan Dunn’s memory. Considering how young he was, the financial security he enjoyed, the number of people he influenced, and all of Dunn’s potential for future good works or giving back to the
community or just lending his celebrity status to the good works of others…all of it is wasted. Wasted on a drunken joyride that no famous friend’s support or derision for commentators can reverse. Ryan Dunn will now be known for waste. That’s it. And nothing anyone says or screams or writes will ever change that.

RIP Bianca Halstead (May 5, 1965 – December 15, 2001)

12 thoughts on “Ryan Dunn Agreed to All that Follows

  1. The thing that most people overlook is the fact that his actions killed an innocent person, his passenger. Everyone seems to he forgetting how he affected the family of this unknown passenger. It is such a waste… Only knowing him from Jackass, he seemed like a fun loving dude. Too bad he chose to act like a jackass and drive reckless, and possibly drunk. What a waste….

  2. Judging by his picture, perhaps he was in the throes of a fast food hoggy onslaught – one of which, in the closed confines of his euro-cockpit, went horribly awry when the pedal cluster got jammed inoperable by a half dozen empty Biggie Fry holders and a torn and crushed KFC Family Bucket. We are, after all, what we eat.

  3. What were our expectations of this young man? Was he an entertainer-savant or merely a harbinger of our cultural shift to the banal? Has our change from 15 minutes of fame to 140 characters of fame underscored how low our standards have fallen when it comes to talent and substance? Are we to be shocked at the death of a man-boy who once belonged to the CKY Crew? (“Camp Kill Yourself”)?

    Don’t answer these questions. They are puffed-up rhetoric.

    He was in over his head in life and nowhere was this clearer than dying in a $103K, Porche 911 GT3 at 130 MPH. On fire.

  4. Pretty cliché really. Wasting the money you get for some fleeting fame on useless, material garbage. My ’07 Toyota Corolla can do 100 mph pretty easily and it only cost my $18,000. With all the money I saved on NOT buying a car priced at $100K I could donate some money to charity. Or go on an awesome vacation. Or put the difference into my two kids’ college fund. Or help a friend who is struggling with the bills. In fact I could use the extra money on just about ANYTHING else other than a fast car that can never be driven to it’s potential on US roads. Unless you choose to try and get away with driving it at 130 mph on a rural road, then fail to negotiate the gently sweeping right hand turn onto a highway on-ramp and crash into the guard rail before smashing into a small forest of trees, bursting into flames and killing an innocent passenger… I suppose you COULD do that but I think that would be kind of a jackass move.

  5. You need to be quite! He was a great man, everyone makes bad decisions and everyone makes mistakes!! He was a loving, kind, and nice man!!! You don’t need to be calling him a dumb a**. What if you were to die and I talk all this crap on you!! How would you like it huh… Huh. Yeah that’s right you wouldn’t like it you douche bag. Go suck one you fag

    1. Your your comment is appreciated and you’re entitled to rant your displeased head off if you wish. But because you chose to slash at my views on the DUI death of a Jackass using the oldest, dullest knife you could find, I took the liberty of changing your real name. You deserve to be heard and you deserve a chance to learn and take a higher road with better debating skills. Go forth and fight, man. Offend and reoffend. Grow up and come back, improved and better armed, and tell me why I’m wrong. You can do better than “Go suck one you fag.”

      1. Actually, he used to give to Charities, he owned several different labs, he loved Science. The man who was killed was also drunk, and stupid enough to get into a car with another drunk person. He knew what he was getting himself into, so it’s as much his fault as it was Dunns. Dunn was a nice person, he was put himself in danger for everyone’s entertainment, and he gave back to the Community. I’ll agree he was moronic to get in the car and drive drunk, but the passenger was also moronic for letting him do so.

    2. Damn straight fuck you all who judge a legendary man yeah he was drunk i dont agree of drunk driving but that doesnt affect what a great man he was his family and friends arent calling him a dumbass cuz hes not he just made a dumbass move i didnt judge him cuz of that it doesnt give you the right to either jerkoffs millions of people were crying shut your fat fucking mouth

  6. To all you people who are talking crap about Dunn should shut the hell up because he is dead if he was alive that would be different no matter how someone died for example texting and driving dunk driving or drugs you shouldn’t talk shit about someone who can’t differ them selves and he was a bad ass.

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