Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Grace Muscles

Once a laughable Hollywood nobody turned Ambassador of Masculinity, The Terminator now pep-talks whole nations…

The cloying earnestness Schwarzenegger’s personal message to everyday Russians made me feel: 

  • Clumsy, because he’s so sincere it’s hard to watch.
  • Charmed, because his self-worship is infuriatingly courteous.
  • Silly, because his accent has gone from Rubik’s Cube to heart-shaped box of chocolates.
  • Stupefied, because he’s made some of the world’s dumbest movies, yet here we are…

We could’ve lost two minutes here, but that’s montage fatigue – and forgetting I’m not the one being addressed. He begins by referencing bodybuilding because of course he does! From there however, I could neither look away or roll my eyes. This clip is a solid example of what one can do with a platform big or small: be real, and be of some use to others.

If we are to be remembered not for what we say, but for how we make others feel, this video reminded me of what personal grace looks like.

…all the better coming from Governor Barbarian McRobot